About Us

Martinez & Turek was founded in 1980 and originally located in Corona, Ca. The company has since moved twice to accommodate business expansion, and is currently situated in a 140,000 sq ft facility located on 12 acres in Rialto, California.

Martinez and Turek People Martinez and Turek People
The founders of the company; Larry Martinez, Tom Martinez, Larry Tribe, and Don Turek, are actively involved in the business today. Martinez & Turek has experienced significant growth and success over the past 3 decades, thanks in major part to the dedicated people who choose to work at Martinez & Turek. We take pride in our employees, many of whom have been with the company for 20 plus years. We strive to bring together the most talented individuals in their respective fields, and success in this aspect has driven the ability of Martinez & Turek to position itself as a market leader in quality solutions for our customers.
Martinez and Turek People
Our Vision

To be a process driven company built for lasting success and future generations.

Our Mission

To deliver the best engineering and manufacturing products in our industry, with a commitment to sustainable profitability and growth for our employees and shareholders.