Atlas IIIA

Approximate Dimensions: 13ft W x 92ft L x 14ft H
Weight: 65,000 lbs
Atlas IIIA Transportation Trailor
Lockheed's Atlas IIIA is an American Orbital Launch Vehicle and the first member of the Atlas family since the Atlas A. The Atlas IIIA was a development of the Atlas using Russian engines in place of the Rocket Dyne MA-5 booster/sustainer that was used on all previous models. The Atlas IIIA featured a more practical staging method compared to previous Atlas family members.

Lockheed Martin turned to Martinez & Turek, Inc. for their expertise in developing road transportation and erection trailer systems. The Atlas IIIA Transportation/Erection Trailer was designed to accommodate the Atlas IIAS & IIIA vehicles. M&T designed, engineered, and manufactured a dynamic transportation and erection trailer that ensured a light weight system capable of meeting a variety of functional and operational requirements.