Atlas V
Common Core Booster
Transportation Dolly

Approximate Dimensions: 12.5ft W x 135ft L x 16ft H
Weight w/Payload: 90,000 lbs
Atlas V Booster Transport
The Common Core Booster (CCB) is an American rocket stage, which was used as the first stage of the Atlas V rocket as part of the modular design. Testing of the CCB was conducted in the United States at the Marshall Space Flight Center and in Khimki, Russia. As of September 2010, the Atlas V has made twenty two flights, all of which have used a single Common Core Booster.

Lockheed Martin requested Martinez & Turek, Inc. to successfully develop a transport system for the Atlas V Common Core Booster (CCB) that would meet DOT approvals for road transportation across the United States. M&T designed a three-axle air suspension dolly system and minimized the transporter's weight by incorporating the CCB as the main structure.