Media Wall

Fashion Show Las Vegas

Barco Media Wall
Barco, an international company with U.S. Sales headquarters in Atlanta, GA, designs and develops solutions for large screen visualization. Barco's LED display and projection solutions can be seen at the world's leading motor shows, on stage with some of the world's biggest stars and on buildings and in lobbies of some of the world's foremost companies. When asked to create a dynamic advertising and entertainment display at the Fashion Show Las Vegas, Barco and the Rouse Company enlisted the expertise of Martinez & Turek, Inc. to design, develop, manufacture and install the one-of-a-kind moving track LED display system. The displays are installed on a 380 foot long curved rail system - the largest of its kind in the world - located approximately 32 feet above Fashion Show's 72,000 square foot plaza along the Strip. These brilliant, full color displays move independently or in conjunction with each other along the track. Each display can run its own content or work together to form a continual kaleidoscope of color and motion. The displays are now one of the most spectacular sights on the "Strip."