Industries Served
Martinez and Turek Industries
Customers from the aerospace and defense industries have relied on Martinez & Turek's services to design, engineer, and manufacture tooling, fixtures, flight hardware, launch systems, molds, transporters, and countless other products that are mission critical. Martinez & Turek is AS9100 Rev C certified, and our experienced staff is more than capable of meeting the demands from customers in the aerospace and defense industries.

Martinez & Turek has long standing relationships with Aerojet, Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and many other aerospace and defense companies.

Martinez & Turek has been involved in the designing, engineering, and manufacturing of tooling, assembly hardware and components for a variety of energy industry applications. Past examples of work include automated engine removal kits for gas turbines, refurbishing turbine housings, and machining various components of wind turbines. Martinez & Turek is also pleased to have provided solutions for application in experimental nuclear fusion programs such as ITER (

Entertainment Industry
Martinez & Turek's designing, engineering, and manufacturing expertise has been used in a variety of entertainment applications. Carlson Tractors utilized Martinez & Turek's services to create a large 18.5 ton commemorative sculpture. Loma Linda University Medical Center called upon Martinez & Turek to manufacture a large water feature to prominently display in their central courtyard. Martinez & Turek's services are dynamic enough to match the creativity and quality needs of customers in the entertainment industry. Past customers include Barco Media and Disney, among others.

Medical Industry
Dynamic abilities and experience working with innovative technologies have allowed Martinez & Turek to find applications for its services in the medical industry. Martinez & Turek established itself in this market with solutions for the proton therapy center at Loma Linda University Medical Center, the first dedicated proton therapy center in the nation. The range of experience includes large mechanical structures, such as large proton therapy gantries, to smaller components and critical precision proton machine parts. Past customers also include Optivus Proton Therapy.

Martinez & Turek is pleased to be assisting some of the top security companies in their job to protect and secure. Martinez & Turek's engineering and manufacturing departments have been utilized by Rapiscan Security Systems in the development of several of their products, such as the Rapiscan GaRDS systems, the Eagle Mobile X-Ray System, and the Vehicle Explosive and Drug Sensor system (VEDS). Each of these security systems required extensive designing, engineering, and manufacturing services provided by Martinez & Turek.