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Major Customers and Programs

Martinez & Turek, Inc. has the capabilities of Designing, Engineering, Machining, and fabricating complex, close tolerance aerospace, military, and commercially related components, which require the highest standards of quality and reliability. We have the ability to fabricate large diameter parts which weigh in excess of 100,000 lbs.

  • X-38 Shipping Container: Complete Design and Manufacture
  • SRM Development: Manufacture Major Assemblies and Components, Transporters and Erectors.
  • F-22 Fwd & Aft Refueling Booms: Manufacture and Design Electro Beam Weld Fixture

Alliant Tech
  • Delta III & IV: Design and Manufacture Assemblies, Tooling and Major Machined Components
  • Titan IV: Design and Manufacture Tooling Ground Support Equipment and Components

Barco Media
  • Design and Build four track mounted frames to carry 24 foot tall LED screens. Each screen must travel over 200 feet up and down the track while maintaining its position relative to the other screens. Each screen may travel up to 49 miles per day. System had to be suitable for outdoor operation on the Las Vegas strip.

  • SOREV/SST: Manufacturing Ground Simulator Surface Operations Research/Evaluation Vehicle Program
  • B-777: Manufacture Components and Major Assemblies
  • B-747: Manufacture Special Fixture and Maintenance Stands, Ground Support Equipment
  • B-737 & 700: Design and Manufacture Complex Fixtures, Tooling Maintenance and Overhaul Loading Docks
  • B-717 & MD-90: Design and Manufacture Major Assemblies, Major Components
  • C-17: Nozzles, Ring Assemblies
  • MD-11: Assembly Jigs, Maintenance Stands
  • F-18 E/F: Design and Manufacture of Major Assemblies Work Platforms and Tooling
  • Helicopter: Assembly Tooling
  • NASA Space Station: Major Assembly Tooling and Ring Assemblies
  • Space Station: Design and Manufacture Major Assemblies and Components

Carlson Tractors
  • Manufacture 18.5 ton Art Sculpture

Force Measurment Systems
  • Large Welded and Machined Assembly for Jet Engine Test Stand

General Atomics
  • Tooling and Assembly Hardware

General Dynamics C4 Systems
  • Proof Load Fixture, Test Fixture and Assembly Hardware

GKN Chemtronics
  • Design and Manufacture Tooling and Assembly Hardware

Halter Marine Corp
  • U.S. Navy Transporters: Manufacture Complete Transporter

  • Various Hardware components and muffler assemblies for Submarine Programs

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
  • National Ignition Facility: Manufacturing of Laser Fusion Energy: Large, Medium and Small Machined Components

Lockheed Martin
  • F-22: Design and Manufacture Complex Tooling, Aircraft Components and Maintenance Worksheets
  • U.S. Navy & Marine: Manufacture Components and Overhaul Components, Ground Support
  • Satellite Programs: Manufacture Components, Tooling Ground Support Equipment
  • Titan IV: Design and Manufacture Tooling Ground Support Equipment and Components
  • Atlas: Design and Manufacture Tooling Ground Support Equipment and Components, Transporters and Missile Erection Systems
  • Magellan Satellite: Design and Manufacture Tooling Ground Support Equipment and Components

Loma Linda University Medical Center
  • Gantry for Proton Therapy Machine
  • Large Art Scultpure

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER): Incoloy Magnetic Field Coil Winding Coil Machine, Design and Manufacture ITER Tooling

Northrop, Aircraft Division
  • JSF Program: Design & Build Assembly Tooling, Molds, Work Stands, Jigs, Fixtures and Major GSE

Northrop Grumman; Space Technologies
  • Satellite Programs: Manufacture Major Assemblies Ground Support Equipment, Spacecraft Flight Hardware, Major Assembly Tooling

Northrop, Marine Systems
  • Advanced SEAL Delivery System Land Transport Vehicle (ASDS LTV): Design and Manufacture
  • F-18 E/F, B-747, B-2: Design and Manufacture Major Assemblies, Tooling, Machine Components and Major Maintenance Work stands

Oakridge National Laboratories - (Department of Energy)
  • ITER Program- Engineering Consulting, Feaseability Analysis for central Solenoid.

  • Long Camera, MAC Camera Barrel, Lens Collimator, and Long Camera Assembly

  • Proton Therapy Machine Components

Orbital Sciences Corp
  • Design, Engineer, and Manufacture Launch System for Antares Rocket
  • Design Engineering, Tooling and Ground Support Equipment for Various Missile Program

  • Design and Build Special Test Hardware

Solar Turbine
  • Design and Manufacture, Tooling and Assembly Hardware
  • Refurbish housing turbines

Sandia National Labratories
  • Tooling and Test Hardware

Space Systems Loral
  • Satellite - Program Advanced Systems MBUHAY Image Program
  • Design and Manufacture Major Tooling, Shipping Containers, Ground Support Tooling Machined Assembly Parts

United Launch Alliance
  • Design and Manufacture Tooling, Ground Support Equipment and Components

University of Arizona
  • Major Components for Telescope and Test Programs

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