Atlas IIAS
Rocket-Mate Transport

Approximate Dimensions: 12ft W x 24ft L x 4ft H
Weight 11,000 lbs.
Rocket Mate Transport
The Atlas IIAS vehicle launched satellites and was consisted of four solid rocket boosters, an Atlas IIAS stage with a booster engine system and sustainer engine, and a Centaur 2A upper stage. The Atlas IIAS is a two-and-one-half stage launch vehicle. The Centaur upper stage is mounted on top of the one-and-one-half stage Atlas Booster.

Lockheed Martin requested Martinez & Turek, Inc. to develop a system that successfully facilitated a mating of the Atlas Booster section to the main tank assembly. M&T designed a dolly that interfaced with the existing Atlas transporter and provided a rail system that draws the booster forward onto the dolly to allow mating with the main tank assembly.