Atlas V
Solid Rocket Motor
Road Transportation Trailer

Approximate Dimensions: 10ft W x 79ft L x 13.5ft H
Weight w/Payload: 195,000 lbs
Atlas V Rocket Transport
Aeroject Gen-Corp developed the Solid Rocket Motor for Lockheed's Atlas V launch vehicle. Aerojet's advanced solid rocket motor provided reliable, high-performance boosting power for the Atlas V. This was a medium-to-heavy-lift launch vehicle aimed towards the commercial satellite market as well as U.S. government missions.

Aerojet Gen-Corp turned to Martinez & Turek, Inc. to create a road transportation system for the Atlas V Solid Rocket Motor that maximized off-the-shelf components and would meet DOT approvals for transport across the United States. The solution was an 11-axle system that utilizes off-the-shelf jeep and dolly systems. M&T designed a soft cover to allow flexibility to the system that allows easy access for maintenance and inspection.