Advanced SEAL
Delivery System
Land Transport Vehicle

Approximate Dimensions: 10ft W x 103ft L x 13.5ft H
System Weight: 184,000 lbs (Includes Payload)
SEAL Transport Vehicle
Northrop Grumman developed an Advanced SEAL Delivery System for the United States Navy and United States Special Operations Command. The ASDS was a long-range submersible designed to provide stealthy submerged transportation for the United States Navy Seals. The ASDS was primarily used as an insertion platform for special operations as well as clandestine missions.

Northrop Grumman turned to Martinez & Turek, Inc. to create a system capable of transporting an 115,000 pound submersible by road, air craft, rail, and shipboard. M&T optimized the design of current heavy hauling systems to provide a strong, lightweight structure that met DOT road requirements without special permits. Modular designs were incorporated to allow loading and transporting on aircraft (C-17 and C-5), rail and shipboard.